How to die in our rpg

We play with I.C.E.’s Rolemaster 2nd edition. I tried to figure out how dying works according to the rules.  I am not quite sure if I got it right. However this is how we do it.

Each character has two different hit point limits: the base hits and the total hits. Whenever a character receives more damage points than his/her base hits he/she falls unconscious. If the damage points also exceed the character’s total hit points the character is not just unconscious, but also dying. Dying means the clock is ticking. Each character has a number of rounds based on his/her race before the soul leaves the body. When the soul left the body a character is dead. However even while dying a character can be healed by nomal means. As soon as a character’s damage points are back again below both or even only one of the limits the soul departure clock stops.

The time when the soul leaves the body can even be modified by lifekeeping spells or herbs. A dead character can be resurrected by lifegiving spells or herbs. However certain constraints may exist (e.g. death not longer than 1 hour ago, etc.)?


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