Enhanced Miniature Page

An updated version of the miniature page is now available. A miniatures finder is now integrated.

You can find miniatures according to race and gender. When selecting multiple attributes (e.g. orc and female), you get all Miniatures that comply with all of these properties (e.g. orc women). the miniatures finder provides two additional criteria . You can also search for civilians and musicians.

Have a look at: http://members.aon.at/~cploning/minis/ourminis.html

Technical note: The filtering is realised with CSS solely. I think, this is pretty neat.

Unidentifizierte Miniaturen / Unidentified Miniatures

(dt) Trotz intensiver Recherche konnte ich die folgenden Miniaturen nicht identifizieren. Solltest du eine der unten abgebildeten Miniaturen kennen, bitte kommentiere diesen Beitrag.

(engl) Although serveral research, I was not able to identify the miniatures below. If you can help to identify one of these miniatures, please comment this post.