Malzeit VI – painting undeads

Today on the painting table: some Skeletons. Specifically a three figure pack from Harlequin Miniatures called Skeleton Elite Warriors and a few spare figures from Mage Knight I found in the attic.

I converted the Elite Warrior carrying a halberd to look like a skeletal mage. I cut off the blade and replaced it with a broken off mace head. Transforming the chain mail into a robe was done with the paint job.

The Mage Knight figures are two Skeleton Archers from their Dungeon line. I cut off the original bases and pinned the miniatures on new metal bases. For the few plastic figures I own, I solely use metal or magnetic bases. This optimises the centre of gravity and increases stability on the table. A nice (re-)paint job completes the minis. Ready to be used in our next RPG session.

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