Matching the color of Dwarven Forge’s Dwarvenite

Hi guys,

During Dwarven Forge’s Kickstarter 2 Campaign I decided to order some Pokorny Paints to get the perfect colors to match my Game Tiles and Caverns. I did some research on the paining scheme and watched DF’s painting tutorials. Hence I decided to go for 5 colors. Base Grey for the base coating, Earth Stone for the Game Tiles brown stones, as well as the brown parts of the Cavern Tiles, Olive Dry Brush and Stone Edge Dry Brush for my Game Tiles and Cavern Dry Brush for the Caverns.


Now, here are my first findings on matching the color scheme.
Base grey is not used as base color on any tiles (neither game tiles nor caverns). Moreover it also not the color of Dwarvenite, which turned out to be „DungeonGrey“.
Earth Stone and Cavern Dry Brush really match the color scheme of my Cavern Tiles. Surprisingly they also fit very well for my Game Tiles. While I was expecting to use Stone Edge Dry Brush and Olive Dry Brush, I seems that I will not need them. On one Hand this is really great, because you need only two colors. On the other hand I would have liked to know this in advance, before ordering five instead of two colors.

Finally here comes my match for the color of pure Dwarvenite. I use an 1:1 mixture of black and ocre. I think the result is pretty close, easy to mix and definitly my way to go. I am sure you can slightly change the ratio to optimize the match. Nevertheless I will stick with the 1:1 as it’s easy to do and easy to remember.



So my conclusion and my advice is to mix the base color Dungeon Grey yourself (unless there is a Dungeon Grey to buy from Dwarven Forge). While on the other hand investing some money into Earth Stone and Cavern Dry Brush really pays off.

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