D&D Dragon

Two years ago I got my hands on a Dragonlance dragon miniature from Ral Partha. It is Huma’s Silver Dragon sculpted by Tom Meier. Although some parts are missing, I dont care about it. It was quite cheap and it is a great sculpture. Finally I had the time to paint it. I plan to use it as a red dragon.

Enhanced Miniature Page

An updated version of the miniature page is now available. A miniatures finder is now integrated.

You can find miniatures according to race and gender. When selecting multiple attributes (e.g. orc and female), you get all Miniatures that comply with all of these properties (e.g. orc women). the miniatures finder provides two additional criteria . You can also search for civilians and musicians.

Have a look at: http://albachronicles.github.io/minis/ourminis.html

Technical note: The filtering is realised with CSS solely. I think, this is pretty neat.