Wood tiles for Dwarven Forge

After the great results in my window tiles project I thought maybe I can do wooden tiles. So I started the design process. I wanted to have the minimum amount of sculptures and at the same time avoid repetion.

To maintain compatiblity with my existing Dwarven Forge collection I opted for the standard two inch by two inch footprint.

Here you can see my results.

I finally came up with only three pieces to cast. The floor tile, a wall section, and a corner post. The core of the system really is the wall section. To avoid repetion, I decided to make different designs on each of the two faces. This instantly gave me two different variations of the wall. Additionally I came up with an asymmetric design for one of the sides. This allows me to rotate the wall up side down, providing an additional option.

my home made wood tiles
Wooden dungeon tiles during a gaming session

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