Vikings, Vikings, Vikings

Since I started with my miniature Viking ship and the Viking huts, I knew I needed more Viking miniatures.

So in early December I ordered a single sprue of Grippling Beast Hirdmen from an eBay seller called orangygirl (2522). Although the package got lost between all the Christmas cards and presents, orangygirl was very friendly and immediately sent a new package. Therefore I want to give them a shout out here.
I was able to assemble my miniatures during the Christmas season and started to paint them.
This week I finally finished the project.

Since this was my first experience with posable plastic miniatures, I was very nervous. But I searched the internet for videos of exactly these minis to get inspired – and it worked!
Here are my miniatures. I rebased all of them on metal bases to add a little bit of weight. I got the metal bases from Alternative Armies, and they are relatively cheap.

Another tweak I did was, that I didn’t used the original shields from the sprue. Instead I used some of the remaining unused shields from the longboat.
I was very lucky to find some matching bits in my bits box as well. I found a round shield that perfectly matches the emblem on Ulfred‘s chest, the „white wolf“. So Ulfred’s personal guard was created.

Looking back, it was really fun to assemble the miniatures. I had so much joy that I wish I would need some more minis.

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