Cloister pieces for Dwarven Forge

For my annual holiday project I picked something very special. For sometime now, I am interested in how to make molds. I watched some videos to learn about one- and two-piece molds and which materials to use.

A week or two before my vacation started I ordered the materials in the internet. I have to say, getting everything was quite a challenge.

My two biggest trouble makers were the modilg clay and the e-pvc sheets.
First of all I learned that some silicons interact with modeling clays if they contain sulfur. It was quite difficult to find a clay that was sulfur-free at a decent price.

Regarding the e-pvc boards, I needed 2mm e-pvc boards. Unfortunately I found only one dealer on Amazon. (So if you know where I can buy expanded pvc sheets, please let me know.)

Here is my shopping list.

However, I got everything in time.

I used the e-pvc sheets to construct two archways. I layered the sheets. On the outside I added 1 mm of xps (insulation foam) to mimic the sandstone.

Then I built a two-piece mold. I decided to use an open mold, because dealing with injection and ventilation channels seems to be unnecessary complex to me.

Hereby you can see the results.

Finally I created a color scheme matching my Dwarven Forge tiles.

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