Tabletop World: Mansion

I finished my latest painting project – the mansion from Tabletop World. I struggled a little bit with the size of the object. Maybe this is the reason why it is the last one I painted. However I came up with a color scheme I really like.

Primer: Army Painter Black (Spray)

Stone work:

  • Eshin Grey (Citadel) – base coat
  • Mechanics Standard Grey (Citadel) – individual stones
  • Jack O‘ Bones (P3) – dry brush
  • Nuln Oil (Citadel) – wash

Wood beams and structure:

  • Mournfang Brown (Citadel) – over brush

Plaster work:

  • Ceramite White (Citadel) – heavy over brush

Roof shingles:

  • Eshin Grey (Citadel) – base coat
  • Nuln Oil (Citadel) – wash
  • 36102 (Revell Aqua) – matte finish

Metal roof:

  • 36149 (Revell Aqua) – base coat
  • 36155 (Revell Aqua) – dry brush
  • Nuln Oil (Citadel) – wash

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