How to build a wooden DM screen

In one of my previous articles I showcased my DIY wooden DM screen. Now in this article I will explain how I built it. To build a basic DM screen is a very easy crafting project everybody can do in just 6 steps. I will also add some additional steps to give your screen a finishing touch. However these step are completely optional and by no means neccessary.

Wooden DM screen (Mk 1)

For the basic version you need the following materials and tool:

  • 4 plywood boards
  • 6 small hinges
  • wood glue
  • wood stain
  • 4-8 magnets
  • a hobby knife
  • a sharpie pen (gold)  or acrylic paint (gold)

    Step 1: take the 4 plywood boards and lay out the screen. Next trace where to mount the hinges. The screen should be like a „M“. With this design the screen shows the player facing side when folded. 

    Step 2: take your hobby knife and cut out a little bit where the hinges will be placed. Don’t cut through the board completely. Just take away enough, so that the hinges will be flush with the board’s surface when attached.

    Step 3: before you attach the hinges the boards need to be painted. Take the wood stain and apply a thin coat. Let it dry. If the color is too light for you, repeat the step to get a darker finish.

    Step 4: now it is time attach the hinges. I used simple wood glue to glue them on the boards. 

    Step 5: now put a small drop of glue in each of the screw holes. This will simulate nail heads. After the drops have cured paint them using a sharpie or some gold acrylic paint.

    Step 6: as a last step attach some magnets on the DM facing side. I used some glue. Just make sure that the magnets are well aligned (in terms of positioning and polarity) so that you can still close the screen. Check this before glueing them on.

    Wooden DM screen (Mk 2)

    The next step is to decorate your DM screen with some cool looking symbols or ornaments. You need a black spray paint. Search the internet for a symbol you like. Just take care that you can cut it out easily. I choose the dragon shown below.

    Cut out the black part in a way that everything that is white remains on the template. Take the black spray paint and spray it on. 

    Wooden DM screen (Mk 3)

    The last step is to give your new DM screen the finishing touch. Use a polyurethan varnish to give your screen a glossy finish. You will need to apply multiple coats. Dont hurry. Patience is your friend. One coat after the other. Make sure the the coat is dry before applying the next one.

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