Cheap miniatures for D&D and other RPGs

Today I got some really nice miniatures. Even better they were cheap as dirt.

In one of my local stores I found the Magic the Gathering Planeswalkers Expansion on sale. I got a load of usable miniatures for only EUR 12,-. The box holds 16 minis. That is an unbeatable price of 75 cent each.


The box contains 2 prepainted Planeswalkers, 2 heros, 11 minions, and 1 boss miniatures.


The first planeswalker can easily be used as demon or devil. ​The second one is a great water nymph.


This are the hero miniatures. Their scale is slightly too large to represent ordinare humans. I do not know yet, how I will utilize the first miniature. However, the second one is one of my favorites. This will be my new water elemental.


The first set of minions can easily be used as humans or even elves. The second ones are in fact elves. I really like the sculpts of these two elven minions. Of course they need a littel paint job.


The next two sets are monsters. The goblins are appropriatly smaller then the other minions. There sculpts are really nice. I am looking forward to paint them in a decent green. The next miniatures are refered as Eldrazi breed. I think they will fit in as sea monsters or even in a lovecraftian setting.


​The last miniature is the Eldrazi boss. This is a huge miniature and should provide an appropriate enemy even for high level groups. For reference I included an elven mini in the picture.

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