Dungeon Crawler for Rolemaster – Part 7: non attack spells and elemental attack spells

This week I will have a look at the actual spell resolution. Rolemaster knows three types of spells:

  • non attack spells, 
  • elemental attack spells, and
  • base attack spells.

        Non attack spells

        In Rolemaster this type contains all spells that are neither elemental attack spells nor base attack spell. Really – in fact the rulebook literally states everything that is not in one of the other two categories is a non attack spell. For our dungeon crawler this will be mainly healing spells. First I thought about requiring a roll to determine a spell failiure. However in Rolemaster there is only a 2% chance of failiure. Thus I decided in the interest of gameplay to skip the roll. Hence non attack spells will work automatically. (However some effects still may vary as they are based on a dice roll.)

        Elemental attack spells

        Elemental attack spells are resolved using specific attack tables. Each elemental attack spell has a specific table you need to use to determine the damage. Targets use their defensiv bonus (DB) to reduce or even avoid damage. Luckily this seems to be quite similar to weapon attacks. Hence I will go with the same mechanims and simply handle them as weapons.

        Next week I will continue with base attack spells.

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