Dungeon Crawler for Rolemaster – Part 4: modelling weapons

Today is the first day I will start actually modelling the rule set. I think I will start with the basic broadsword. My first step is to have a closer look at the weapon table.My aim is to compress the table to a single column. After looking at the table my first try is to use the AT 10 or AT 11 column as a representative for the weapon. 

Weapon damage.

When you look at a single column, it looks like that: there is no damage inflicted  for an attack value of 0. You start to increase the attack value, until you find the first damage dealt. From this point onwards the damage increases at a (more or less) regular growth rate. 

There are two special cases I need to tackle:

  • the evade mechanism, and
  • the armor modifier.

The „Evade“ mechanism.

Some of the table’s columns do not start with a damage of 1, but directly jump to 8, 4 or 2. If you have a look at different weapon tables these seems to be a property of the armor type (category). So I decide to make this a property of the actual worn armor. With the armor’s „evade“-value you can ignore attacks that inflict damage equal or less to this value.

The armor modifier.

It seems that the damage dealt to low end armors (AT 1 – 2) and the high end armor types (AT 18 – 20) is quite different from the average.Therefore I introduce a damage modifier based on the armor type. When hitting low end armors (AT 1 – 2) the damage is doubled, and for high end armors (AT 18- 20) the damage is halved.

Since this two special cases are covered in the rule set, I can continue and construct a slide rule for the broadsword. Here I depict the conceptual model.

You may see that the definition of the weapon is based on two stats only. The attack value where the first damage is inflicted (x), and the damage growth rate (k).

Weapon criticals.

While I decided to keep criticals, I will not keep critical types (slash, puncture, etc.) for version 1 of this rule set. I also decided to use criticals as a more interactive and strategic element and let players choose from a predefined list. This should help to engage players in the game even more – Should I inflict more damage?  Or give someoneelse an additional bonus? Or should I go straight for a K.O.?

Next week I will have a look at how to parry in this system.

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