Dungeon Crawler

Since I got a ton of Dungeon Scenery (mostly from Dwarven Forge) I tought I would be great to actually layout all the stuff on one single table and run a game. The logical answer is to run a dungeon crawler. So I asked my RPG group if they would be interested in such a game. Then I thought – acually it would be great for the players to play their existing characters.

As some of you might know we are huge fans of Rolemaster 2nd Ed. We adore the diversity and flexibilty of the system. While others may call it „rule master“ we really use it as a build-your-own-system tool box. Some of the rules we use straight from the books. Others we don’t consider for our game. Moreover we introduce our own homebrewn rules where it helps (like Gradual Power Points Recovery).

Anyway – so the goal is clear. I want to create a dungeon crawler that is compatible with Rolemaster. So the players can use their existing characters and even further, I might be able to integrate the game into our running campaign.

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