Crafting a medieval ship (week 9)

Painting the finished model

Welcome back! This weeks goal was to paint the finished model. After I painted the whole ship I suddendly realized that I had forgotten to mount the stem post. Hence I quickly fixed it. While painting the main deck and the deck of the aftercastle I took care to do brush strokes only in one direction. This should be the same orientation as your deck planks.
By the way what I really like about this ship is that I can take off the aftercastle and get a slightly smaller ship. The smaller variation can even be used as a river boat. Anytime I need a bigger ship I can put the aftercastle back on.

The next step was to put on the deck planks. Therefore I took a thin brush and painted only the gaps between the planks. I just used some black paint.

As a final touch I decided to a craft two small ladders. Now seamen or passengers will be able to climb the aftercastle.


I am pretty happy with the result. It was a long journey, but worth it. I am really looking forward to bring the ship to the table.

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