Dwarven Forge City Builder to Master Maze Conversion

This little article explains how I converted some magnetic walls from Dwarven Forge’s City Builder series to fit with Master Maze tiles.

Step 1) Cutting the magnetic walls.
I started to cut the Dwarvenite with a hobby knife. Be aware that you cannot completely cut through. After you cut the Dwarvenite, you can deal with the exposed metal plates. I simply used a metal saw to cut through them.

Step 2) Cover the cutting area.
The next step was to cover the sides with some putty and extend the wall to the appropriate length. I also extended the stone pattern to seemlessly fit.

Step 3) Making the base.
Now it was time to sculpt some bases. I really did my best to mimic the Master Maze floor tile. However it is not perfect. Nevertheless I am happy with the result.

Step 4) Assembly.
Finally I glued everything together. I have great experiences with Pattex „Kleben statt Bohren“. It really provides a strong bond.

Step 5) Painting.
I used a black spray paint as primer. After enough drying time I painted the tile with my color scheme for Master Maze.

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