Gradual Power Points Recovery

We really appriciate our healing rule. Hence we decided to adapt the Power Point Recovery rule.

Previously Power Points were automatically recovered to their full extend after 1 hour of sleep or meditation. We wanted a new rule, that ensures full PP after eight hours of sleep. Moreover we wanted that eight hours should be enough for all characters regardless of their level. So after a full rest a 4 level Magician as well as a 20th level Archmage should be fully recovered. Nevertheless, when no full rest is taken a spell user should not be able to go from 0 PP to full PP.

We agreed on the following mechanism. Per 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep (1 hour meditation) a spell user regains a quarter of his/her maximum power points. Thus a spell user can fully recover by eight hours of sleep or four hours meditating. This will work for any spell user regardless of the maximum power points. Let it be 3 PP or 50 PP.

With excitment we will utilize this new house rule and carefully observe its impact on the gameplay.

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