Simplified Healing

The Alternative Healing Rule was a little bit hard to apply for some of the players. Hence I revised the topic of natural healing and come up with an easy-to-use method. Depending on your current hit points you can roll a number of dice. Adding the results will give you the hit points regained.

This is the first version of the Simplified Healing Table. I have to admit that natural healing starts a little bit later than in the Alternative Healing Rule, but I think the simplicity of the new table pays off.

The table is great because you can even use it for hit points larger than 159. For example, if you have 263 hit points you use the dice from 100, 100, and 63. Which is 4W10 plus 4W10 plus 2W10+1W4, resulting in 10W10+1W4. When you use the table for value above 149,  just make sure that you use only summands from 50 to 149. Do not use values from 0 to 49 in such cases.

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